Jun 8, 2011

10 Ways to Celebrate World Ocean's Day

Happy World Ocean's Day!

In celebrating the Oceans, we must act. We must act to protect them from ourselves. Sorry to be a bummer, but we have some work to do.

The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow- the Ocean

The world’s oceans are under attack, from all of us. Everything we do affects the ocean- everything. It’s the drain of the planet, the lowest point on Earth. From the food we eat to the cars we drive, to where we shop- the ocean pays the price for our lifestyles.

How fortunate are we, to play in the Sea?

In honor of World Ocean's Day, we wanted to share some ideas about what we can do to help the situation. Apathy will not serve us now, nor our children. So in the spirit of eternal optimism, we made a list.

10 Ways to Celebrate World Ocean's Day:
1. Eat organic and local food. Better yet, grow your own. Plant plants and lots of 'em. The amount of CO2, chemicals, and oil we can save from getting to the ocean if we grow at least some of our food is astounding.
2. Ride a bike, walk, or skate- to the Farmer’s Market to get the organic produce you cannot grow on your plot of land.
3. Become (at least mostly) vegetarian. Enjoy local meat that is sustainably produced, like chicken. Quit or seriously cut back on eating marine fish- the ocean is running out of them, plus they are too polluted anyways.

Plant a tree. Plant lots of trees.
SWoBs joined the Tree Planting Day at Lennox Head Surfing Reserve to promote Global Cooling.

4. Refill your water bottle and refuse to use single use plastic bottles. Plastic water bottles are just dumb. Plus you get poisoned from them, and it is probably just overpriced tap water.
5. Bring a re-useable bag to the Farmer’s Market. Plastic is just silly. Save a dinosaur.
6. Buy organic clothing, preferably made from hemp in the country you live or nearby. Cotton is poisonous too, actually the most chemical intensive crop we grow. All those chemicals leach into your skin when you or your kids wear it.
7. Support eco-friendly businesses, like our friends at Jaya and WaveTribe who make and sell eco surf products.
8. Petition your local Government or the “powers that be” to not sell out our land and water to large corporations. Kill the beast.

Aubrey Falk (l) and Loren Luyendyk (r) of SWoBs with Howie Cooke of Surfers For Cetaceans in the middle.
Howie is on the frontline of protecting whales from slaughter.

9. Turn down the heat in your house, or the air conditioner. Put on a jacket or open a window fer Chrissakes.
10. Pick up some trash when you go outside. Whether its on the beach or on the sidewalk, it will end up in the ocean. The creatures in the ocean don’t know what to do with our mess, so take responsibility for your fellow messy human friends and Keep It Clean!

Undoubtedly you have your own list, or thought of something that we should add. If you have a great idea and would like to share it, please do. Send comments to surferswithoutborders@gmail.com, and we will post them in our next blog with credit if you want.

We all have the responsibility to honor the Ocean. After all, we wouldn’t be here without it.


Derek said...

Great work Aubrey and Loren, have a wonderful trip down under!

#11. Buy eco surf gear!

Derek, Wave Tribe

ADMIN said...

Thanks for this post Aubrey and Loren! It's just the right thing to do-- remember our oceans and remind ourselves that we owe our lives to it. Here's something else that's related to your post. http://youtu.be/JzjH1rq9VVA

SWoBs said...

Derek, check #7!